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Haiku Around the Yard

Updated: May 3, 2023

Gardening among tall pines in Colorado, one must embrace nature as it comes.

Pine Cone DLB 2023

Light, airy, and sophisticated, modern English language haiku eschew the stocky 5-7-5 form we all learned in elementary school. But for me, the old form remains a satisfying, if childlike way, to capture the wonder and awe of nature.

Haiku Around the Yard

by Deborah L. Brewer

peonies in bloom—

finches dine on cat-mint buds

in soft morning light

a red-tailed hawk cries—

magpies gorge fresh cottontail

on the forest floor

the bright sky darkens,

hailstones descend in icy rage—

irises no more

woodpeckers hammer

rain gutters like kettle drums—

goldfinch in the pines

blue sky and sunshine—

a black bear and her two cubs

amble down the road


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